• Date: 17th May 2017   |   20 Days Left

  • Time: 18:30

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How To Accelerate Digital Delivery In The War For Talent

All enterprises find it hard to attract skilled technology workers. It’s even harder for public sector organisations with inflexible pay structures and cumbersome hiring processes, especially those located outside metropolitan areas. Now, this challenge will get even harder for organisations that rely on contractors under changes to the IR35 regulations on disguised employment.

Despite these constraints, you still need to be a digital leader: deliver great citizen services, increase business agility, reduce expenditure and transform the relationship between citizen and state. You may be aiming to build a more strategic organisation, increase your yield, breaking up legacy IT outsourcing contracts to bring delivery and oversight back in-house, or managing a more complex supplier ecosystem. You are almost certainly getting to grips with digital and cloud, have already embarked on initiatives to make data easier to share across government and ensure it is managed securely while preparing for GDPR which comes into effect in 2018.

But without sufficient staffing, and the right culture, behaviours and leadership it becomes almost impossible to increase the productivity of your development organisation, (while complying with new regulation and responding to the requirements of Brexit, which will accelerate the exit of skilled European resources). Smarter metrics, advanced analytics, automation, and the effective use of agile and DevOps, are just a few ways you can achieve this.

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