• Date: 16th Nov 2017   |   1 Month and 1 Days Left

  • Time: 18:30

  • Venue: The Ivy City Garden, Dashwood House, 69 Old Broad St, London EC2M 1QS View on Map

  • Cost: Complimentary

On-Demand Success - The role of The Network In Digital Transformation

Netflix, Deliveroo, Uber – we are firmly in the era of ‘business on demand’. The capability to spin up or spin down storage and computer resources is now a well appreciated benefit for many an enterprise, as consumerisation of business technology increasingly takes centre stage in the on-demand era.

Virtualisation technologies are now consumerising the network, introducing on-demand capabilities matching those of the cloud. Just look at the Colt IQ Network, you can move your end points, you can create ports between assets in near real time and you can scale your bandwidth up and down in order to meet seasonal or unanticipated demand, or react to requirements in a more agile manner.

When disruption can happen in any sector and the platform economy allows agile businesses to take advantage of assets they don’t necessarily own – just look at Uber and AirBnB - where does on-demand capability fit into the digital transformation journey?

Many are tackling digital transformation by taking on their legacy IT infrastructure, others their historical data. Many on-demand companies, however, don’t have a technology debt or legacy systems and are largely cloud-only organisations like AirBnB, Uber, and Netflix, taking advantage of the agility enabled by the internet.

Join Colt, the pioneers in virtualisation technology, at an exclusive location for an exploration of the role of the network in digital transformation – from high bandwidth to on-demand connectivity demands, this exclusive Dining Club will give you insights into how to make your business more agile and more efficient via the network. This is your opportunity to tap into the opportunity of the ‘on-demand business.’

For more information please contact Isabel David at: isabel.david@compelo.com

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