What are Dining Clubs?
Dining Clubs are unique networking events for C-level executives tasked with deploying technology for business advantage. The events provide an engagement opportunity to explore the latest thinking, the latest strategies and to address in-depth business and technology issues affecting enterprises from across the business spectrum.

How does a Dining Club work?
Our Dining Clubs start around 6:30pm and are hosted at prestigious venues with three course fine dining for attendees to enjoy. The relaxed and informal atmosphere provides the perfect environment to learn and share with like-minded individuals in similar fields of work.

Are the events open to everyone?
Each event is targeted to specific people working in an area or field of work. Spaces are available to people working in the specified industry and hold a decision maker position. The maximum number of people that can attend from one company is two.

Are the events free to attend?
All our events are free to attend but do require registration and approval to attend by our partner.

How long is the event?
They usually start at 6:30pm and finish between 10:30pm – 11pm.

What will I achieve from attending an event?
Our Dining Clubs will give you an opportunity to share experiences with peers, learn from the speakers and hosts about their views, products, strategies and solutions and contribute to the questions and answers section and round table discussions. There is also lots of time to network with others.

How do I register my interest in an event?
You can register to attend an event through our website under our ‘Home’ tab which lists all of our upcoming events. Alternatively you can email Isabel David

Head of Delegate Relations

isabel.david@industryreview.com regarding your interest to attend.

How do I sign up to the e-newsletter?
Please email Aneta Manningtonova

Head of Marketing

Aneta.manningtonova@industryreview.com with your name, email, telephone number, job title, company, city and country.

I have special dietary requirements, what do I do?
We can cater for all dietary requirements and once registered we will contact you to confirm these. You can contact Isabel David

Head of Delegate Relations

isabel.david@industryreview.com for all related enquiries.

How can I host a networking dinner?

Please contact Sean Foley

Enterprise Engagement & Dining Club Manager

Sean.foley@industryreview.com or on +44 (0) 207 936 6703.