Data Centre Transformation

Date: 23rd May 2013

Venue: Rhodes 24

Rhodes Twenty four, Located on the 24th floor of the city of London's tallest building, Tower 42. Rhodes Twenty four is the latest offering from Britain's top chef, Gary Rhodes, and a 2005 Michelin Star winner. Rhodes Twenty four offers traditional British cuisine in an outstanding location in the heart of the city.

There are numerous reasons to undertake a data centre transformation: lack of space despite increasing capacity requirements; inefficient power and cooling; or simply an attempt to modernise legacy equipment and infrastructure.

This Dining Club will look at some of the latest technologies, services and approaches that can help IT to modernise the data centre efficiently and effectively. It will look at some of the considerations around project planning and timescales, and give some ideas as to what CIOs and data centre managers should look for in a data centre transformation partner.

Join us for a buoyant evening filled with style and informative discussion.

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