Infrastructure security: opportunities and threats

Date: 15th May 2014

Venue: Quo Vadis, 26-29 Dean St, London W1D 3LL

Join us for an evening of fine dining and excellence at the restaurant that's got the foodies in a froth this week. Quo Vadis is a beauteous Soho establishment that has passed through various stellar owners over the years. It's now in the care of Sam and Eddie Hart, whose Fino and Barrafina are brilliant and unfussy.

We are living through a period of enormous change in the IT industry. Mobile devices and cloud computing are allowing us to reinvent old technology dynamics: to make our workforce more efficient, fluid and responsive while potentially reducing overall cost of ownership in the process.

With change comes opportunity but also threat. Round-the-clock access via a variety of dispersed devices means round-the-clock security. How do you put in place sensible governance and processes without your approach becoming draconian and unworkable? How do you manage employees who are demanding access via the very latest devices consumer tech has to offer? And how do you keep across an ever-changing regulatory environment in dealing with the information privacy of your customers?

This Government Computing Dining Club, in association with Blackberry, will take a practical approach to key aspects of security in 2014. Join us for an evening of networking, expert talks and stimulating conversation. A stellar evening focusing exclusively on public sector security imperatives.

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