Why don’t all enterprise organisations just run everything in the Public cloud?

Date: 3rd Nov 2016

Venue: 34 Mayfair, 34 Grosvenor Square, W1K 2HD

A challenging opening question and one we will seek to explore deeper at this unique Dining Club evening .

Join us in the fabulous “Emin Room” of “34 Mayfair”. A stunning setting in the heart of Mayfair, a stone’s throw from Grosvenor Square, complete with specially commissioned works from renowned artist Tracey Emin and home of the new enfant terrible of British cooking, Harvey Ayliffe .

Digital Enterprises need to innovate and adapt as rapidly as a Digital Startup but the enterprise business is more complex and the opportunities are different.

Unlike a Start-up which has few applications supported by deep expertise, plus “greenfield” designs and massive economies of scale, the traditional digital enterprise has many applications both legacy and next-generation with varied staff expertise.

This allows the Digital Startup to be the first to market and potentially define the new market segment but may be lacking in data rich information which the traditional enterprise can leverage to their advantage. They can deliver new services to a large customer base, deliver business value from historical customer data and build on brand.

So can Traditional IT cannot keep up with the pace of business change. Today’s application owners expect agile Public Cloud like infrastructure services.

How do Enterprise IT organisations keep pace with growing demands of their customers?

• What pre-engineered solutions can be offered to help achieve outcomes faster.
• How Hybrid Cloud technology can help manage a growing portfolio of on-premise and off-premise IT.
• What are the key NextGen challenges for IT departments in future – e.g container management, Microsoft Azure etc?
• Learn how Hitachi Enterprise Cloud built on Hitachi’s Unified Compute Platform with deep integration and automation into eco-systems such as VMware, Microsoft and Openstack can take you on your Digital Transformation journey.

Please join us for what promises to be a fabulous evening with challenging speakers, sumptuous dining in a remarkable setting.

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