Higher Education 2.0: Digital Transformation in action

Date: 21st Sep 2017

Venue: The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BS

If information is the lifeblood of education, then the beating heart of academia has never boasted such strength and vitality. Our capacity to produce, store, collect and analyse data is unprecedented. Yet digital transformation and the explosion of big data presents multitude challenges as well as opportunities – and it is only in addressing the challenges that innovative solutions can be explored. That’s the task in hand and the purpose of this forthcoming CBR Dining Club event brought to you in association with HPE.

Famed for the world-changing talks given by the likes of Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday and Thomas Huxley, the Royal Institution is one of the world’s most famous buildings for the advancement of scientific knowledge. Founded in 1799, as a centre for the furthering of new ideas in science, we are proud to announce it as the location for our next Dining Club.

A more fitting venue is hard to conceive when we look at the central theme for the evening, Digital Transformation in Higher Education. From the management of ever-expanding research data, digital collaboration and the incredibly exciting but challenging possibilities that IoT adoption brings, those driving IT within Higher Education are uniquely placed to set the new agenda.

Event Location