Addressing the Legacy Challenge, Apps Modernisation, and the road to Cloudification of Apps

Date: 18th Oct 2017

Venue: The Landmark Hotel, 222 Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6JQ

The introduction of Cloud computing, Mobile, DevOps and the always-connected customer are placing increasing demands upon legacy applications making them more difficult to manage and develop as well as making it difficult to contain costs. Bespoke Legacy systems, particularly those built on Unix and Mainframe platforms, are fragile and rigid, decrease productivity and system agility, and often come with high maintenance costs and don’t meet corporate platform or architecture standards. CIOs tasked with remaining compliant, reducing costs and future-proofing their IT Applications need to understand and plan how to bring these Legacy assets under control.

Having modernised legacy applications and infrastructure, enterprises need to become more strategic in adopting cloud computing models. This includes benefiting from significant cost reduction, greater business agility and competitive differentiation in the market. Building a good business case for cloud adoption is based on various elements that include financials, investments, risks, technology, people and time. Cost is only one of the most critical elements for return on investment. Whilst cost benefits can be achieved from savings on infrastructure and software licenses, choosing the right migration paths for the right applications will definitely provide a better return on investment.

To assist with these objectives, NTT Data Services is assembling a panel of experts to discuss the latest thinking on the “art of the possible”. The event will focus on how to successfully align legacy applications to meet corporate business objectives, understand Cloud Adoption Trends and options, and improve the ROI by building the right cost model.

In addition there will be an opportunity for attendees to exchange their own experiences and share best-practice across different sectors such as banking, insurance and diversified industries. This timely event will take place over dinner away from the distractions of the daily routine.

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