• Date: 20th Sep 2017   |   3 Month and 29 Days Left

  • Time: 18:30

  • Venue: The Savoy Hotel, Strand, London WC2R 0EU View on Map

  • Cost: Complimentary

Cyber security and the human factor; Why your people make the best exploits/prey

This CBR Dining Club event gives you vital insight into one of the most under-reported aspects of enterprise threat. It gets to the heart of the problem and reveals how threat actors are exploiting the human factor, and helps you understand the steps you can take to minimise this growing threat.

The headline stories of the threat landscape in 2016 were of the explosive growth of ransomware, the massive email campaigns that distributed it to organizations of all sizes, and the exponential increase in payload-free business email compromise (BEC) attacks that have cost businesses billions in theft, disruption and reputational damage.

Cybercriminals achieved these results through the aggressive adoption of attacks that relied on opens, clicks, and responses by humans rather than exploiting network and endpoint vulnerabilities. Criminals are now targeting individuals, not companies or infrastructure.

These new threats show no sign of abating. From email to web, social media to mobile applications, cybercriminals are combining sophisticated and targeted lures to carry out social engineering attacks at scale that exploit the one vulnerability that cannot be patched —the human factor.

This CBR Dining Club event delves deep into the human vulnerability and discusses the technology, people, and process controls we must implement to respond to this new wave of social engineering attacks focusing on:

• Understanding today’s threat landscape
• What steps can you take to protect your people
• How to get visibility inside your threat exposure
• Post breach response the right way

Join us for a five star dinner and discussion at the prestigious Savoy Hotel, one of the most famous and luxurious London hotels.

For more information please contact Isabel David at: isabel.david@compelo.com

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