Data centre: what's your next move?

Date: 21st May 2014

Venue: Senderens, 9 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris, France

The "Taverne Anglaise" to "Senderens" through the famous "Lucas Carton", discover the charm and history of a mecca of French gastronomy. Men and styles have succeeded in this house of Parisian triangle.

It is the single most important technology asset you manage but did you know that the average age of a working data centre is over 9 years? That's a lifetime when set against the developments in server, cooling and power consumption technologies that have emerged since.

So where next for the data centre? Where next for yours? Upgrade, outsource, consolidate, move to cloud or even decomminssion? - you decide.

At this CBR Dining Club event, brought to you in association with Colt, we'll help you navigate through the options while managing costs and risks. Colt will bring to bear the lessons and insights gained from a three-year research programme working across multiple data centre facilities. And it will be an opportunity to update your knowledge, share experiences with fellow senior IT professionals and challenge current thinking.

It promises to be a night of high-level networking, expert talks and stimulating debates.

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