Empowering a Data Driven Enterprise

Date: 3rd Mar 2016

Venue: The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Pl, Chapel Wharf, Manchester M3 5LH

Data is everywhere, in a variety of forms and from multiple locations. It is an essential asset of modern business that when used correctly can create competitive advantage and new lines of business.

The challenge, however, is turning that data into insights rather than an underused – even a misused – overhead. “Garbage in, garbage out” was already a computer room adage in the 1960s but it remains a cautionary note for today’s enterprises.

How then can you empower the data driven enterprise? How can organisations harness 100 per cent of their data, regardless of source and scale, to generate the actionable insights that can drive better business outcomes?

This CBR Dining Club event, in association with the newly-created Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will provide answers to these questions and more – how to turn narrow analytics into actionable insights and data-driven decision making.

This event will be an opportunity to quiz key figures from the company, to share thoughts and ideas and to network with peers while enjoying a three-course meal at one of Manchester's most sought-after venues.

Do join us for an event not to be missed.

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